Life is complex. A wealth of challenges confronts us daily. One gets the impression that there is no time for personal reflection: one always feels “driven.“ Concerns, fears, discontentment, blows that fate has dealt, personal failure, sometimes even fear of change, rob you of the precious energy necessary to live more mindfully and improve the quality of the life you lead.

We, at the Kraftquelle Waldhäuser, located high up in the Bavarian National Forest, invite you to spend time here and experience nature with all your senses, using this to improve your health and to enrich the life you lead - perhaps even leaving well trodden personal paths to try something new.

The concept we offer is based on a holistic view. We see body and mind linked together with thoughts clearly focused on current actions.

  • With an experienced lyengar yoga teacher you will learn how to push out your own personal boundaries whilst stretching, extending, balancing and maybe even standing on your head  - all while focusing on the present moment. Iyengar yoga is "meditation in motion".
  • Walks in the untouched wilderness of the Bavarian Forest give you an idea of the strength of the forest and can allow you to just be yourself, free from the daily treadmill of life.
  • Far removed from any idea of daily routine, our experienced coaches can help you individually to focus on your inner strengths and the possibilities that lie therein.
  • As well as bringing people together by offering yoga, breathing exercises, meditation and forest walks we want to create a sense of community whilst offering a balanced diet of meals all prepared with organically grown produce.

An extraordinary place to stay

The newly renovated forest ranger‘s base, in an idyllic rurally set mountain village - the highest in the Bavarian Forest - is ready to welcome its guests.

2 Studio apartments, 3 double rooms, 2 single rooms and a communal room with a library and an open fire offer a relaxing environment for everyone who visits. Regional, healthy cooking supports your physical well-being and in this pleasant environment you can enjoy the unique sunsets in front of the fireplace.


Sleeping like a log

After a fulfilling day you might just want to crawl back into your “cave“ or let tiredness wash over you. 1000 metres above sea level with fresh forest air you can put your feet up in one of the individually furnished rooms (all with walk-in showers and comfortable wooden beds) and comfortably drift off into a relaxing night´s sleep.


Creating Space

“A person who stretches their limbs also stretches their consciousness.“  (B.K.S. Iyengar)
Find inspiration in the newly built yoga room. The view from the wide larch windows, the warm oak floor and the wooden beams combined with practising yoga will help clear the mind and establish emotional balance.

Irrespective of age or physical capacity our certified Iyengar Yoga teachers will enable you, with the help of the Iyengar Yoga props (including ropes at the wall), to enjoy all aspects of this form of yoga.